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Due Dillegence is complex and must be handled with care- you can trust Simkover and Associates to meet your objectives on time, and on budget.

Markham's Due Diligence Experts
Markham area businesses that have weathered the recent financial troubles are in an excellent position to grow. With the competition prostrate and looking to sell, the opportunity to grow is now and Markham's very own Simkover and Associates are ready to help with the next step in your business' growth. An essential first step in any acquisition starts with a critical analysis of the other business' productivity, legal obligations and financials for the past few years, and a review of their future financial projections to determine the viability of an acquisition. This is a complicated process that is referred to as Due Diligence and Simkover and Associates in Markham is ready to help you with the analysis of the financials.

Rigorous Due Diligence and Financial Analysis is the only safe way to know what you are investing your hard earned dollars into. Did the target company keep its books in good order using generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in Canada? Are the financial statements reliable or did the sellers present things in a slightly more optimistic manner than was accurate?

A Chartered Accounting firm like Simkover and Associates can provide you with the confidence that the financial records for the Markham area business you are looking at buying are accurate and worth the investment. Due Diligence can help you determine what a fair market price is for the business you are looking at and can give you an edge in negotiations. While there is no crystal ball to peer into, a thorough examination of accounts receivable and payable can give you a more realistic perspective on what the projected financial status of the company will be like.

Simkover and Associates are ready to conduct a financial analysis as a part of your over all Due Diligence on your behalf as you prepare to take your Markham area business to a new level. Call us today and learn how we can help.

Markham's Due Dilligence Experts- when you can't afford to miss a thing! | Simkover and Associates, Chartered Accountants

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